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Importance of General Knowledge Quiz

    Importance of General Knowledge Quiz

    General Knowledge Quiz: Who was the first Prime Minister of India? When was World War II fought? How many countries participated in 2010 Common Wealth Games? All these questions and answers fall under the category of a broad term called general knowledge. That refers to all kinds of events that have happened in the recent past and that have had consequences in one way or another. This information spreads in the form of current events and establishes itself in a fixed form as general knowledge. It is accessible to the general public in the form of quiz books.


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    Since childhood, our parents and teachers have focused on teaching us outside the four rooms of our classrooms. They conduct general knowledge quizzes in the girl to update us with information related to the outside world, which is somehow connected to all of us. This awakens the child with a sense of awareness and the need to be vigilant in this unpredictable world full of threats. However, unlike in the past, it is very easy for a child to find information about the global events.

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    Due to technological progress, information is available in many forms, such as newspapers, internet, radio and television. So nowadays a child can easily find information on the internet about his or her favorite sports star or get help finding the best school for a particular course. Accessibility to information is in hand, which would help you update yourself in any area of ​​general knowledge that suits your interests.

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    General knowledge also helps the students to grow on the academic front. Because in today’s world many coveted career options focus on general knowledge sections. The exams taken for MBA, MBBS, Engineering, IAS, IPS etc. all devote a great deal to the general knowledge section.

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    In the interview, questions are even asked about current events. Many students end up failing these prestigious exams and losing a chance for life due to poor general knowledge. So to answer them boldly, you must be ready with the current events around you.

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    Therefore, one should keep in mind that current affairs broaden our sense of perception of the outside world and change our view of understanding things, getting information about general knowledge is a continuous process and it will become huge with time. So you need to keep yourself informed by reading newspapers, practicing questions and answers from quiz books, searching information on the internet and gathering as much information as possible to stay informed.

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